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PES Reading Fair Winners
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Saturday, November 26, 2016
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Division A- Individual Fiction Kindergarten
First Place-Tyleigh Smith
Second Place-Jaelynn Scruggs
Third Place-Brailyn Jones
Honorable Mention-Samantha Williamson

Division B-Individual Fiction-First Grade
First Place-Bevin Redmond
Second Place-Eva Cameron
Third Place-Charley Paslay
Honorable Mention-Layla Reeves

Division C-Individual Fiction-Second Grade
First Place-Ally Mallett
Second Place-Addy Breland
Third Place-Emma Cupp
Honorable Mention –Kailee Craft

Division D-Individual Fiction-Third Grade
First Place-Brayden Saucier
Second Place-Anna Kate Cameron

Division E-Individual Fiction-Fourth and Fifth Grade
First Place-Lauren Blanchard
Second Place-KV LaBauve
Third Place-Payton Gallott
Honorable Mention-Noah Kelley

Division H-Non Fiction-3-5
First Place-Mason Cameron

Division K-Group Fiction-K-2
First Place-Connie Thornton’s Class
Second Place-Joseph Beaver and Family

Divison L-Group Fiction-Third through Fifth Grade
First Place-Kyle Robinson, Claire Robinson, & Case Robinson
Second Place-Brailyn Orr and Tallulah Peckens

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